Types of Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws are perhaps the most popular or most used screws by industries and households alike. Generally tougher than normal screws, sheet metal screws are threaded from the underside right up to the screw tip. For effective deployment, a preformed hole is usually made in the sheet metal for the screw to twist into.

sheet metal screws

The type of steel used to manufacture these screws also makes a difference. Common metals used for fabricating sheet metal screws are 304 stainless steel, 18-8 stainless steel, and zinc plated carbon steel.  Continue reading

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Aiding Automotive Fasteners for the Automotive Manufacturing Process

Automotive fasteners are used on a variety of components found in automobiles every day. As each vehicle and its components are different, many fastener manufacturers design and produce automotive fasteners for specific applications. You will find a variety of nuts, bolts, rivets, screws, etc. being used in the automobile manufacturing process, from the engine to the license plate.

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